The mold design is done in 3D based on a final product delivered in 2D or 3D format.

  • Drawing package VISI 2022 with ‘Progress’, ‘Complex Blank and ‘Standard Components’ modules
  • Output formats: STP, STL, 3DPDF, Parasolid

We also engineer dies as a subcontractor without doing the production ourselves. As we would do for our own pieces, we think intensively about the manufacturability and interchangeability during maintenance. The design is made fully available afterwards and structured according to your wishes (Bill of Materials, structured STP, workshop drawings, etc.).

If you work with VISI, the customer’s profile can be imported, so we you can start working with the same standards.

With a new project, we propose a kick-off on site, further discussions can easily take place via Microsoft Teams.

Engineering work can be carried out on hourly basis or per quotation.

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