Specialist in mold making and precision machining

Pameco is a specialist in precision machining and mold making. Quality through 30 years of experience, customer focus, modern machinery and dedicated staff are the pillars for sustainable growth.

The focus is on (more complex) progress and extrusion molds and industrial supply for single pieces and series up to 400.

Own delivery

With our own transport service you can be sure of a correct and timely delivery

Quality control

Every finished product that leaves us is fully checked

Easy communication

We focus on smooth communication, whereby we keep you continuously informed during the project.


We think along in the design and implementation about how the delivered product will require as little maintenance and regrinding as possible.


Through training and continuous awareness-raising, we want to offer our employees a safe work-environment and a safe product for you as a customer.


Pameco invests in sustainable technologies (e.g. solar panels) and tries to provide its designs so that a minimum of waste is created.

“We work with Pameco because of their flexibility and good cooperation”  David MulnardNV Haemers
“We outsource our wire erosion – work to Pameco BV because of their quality and correct agreements” – Peter Espeel, Fidomatic BV
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