Wire erosion or wire sparking is a form of metalworking in which a workpiece is processed by means of a moving wire (electrode) under tension. The electricity flows through the electrode and creates sparks that pulverize material into dust at that spot. Since the operation is performed by electricity, all conductive materials can be eroded.

  • Pameco BV has 3 wire EDMs from GF (AgieCharmilles) on which we carry out periodic maintenance ourselves. We also have a GF starter hole sparker and a fully equipped CAD-CAM system VISI 2022.
  • We erode 4-axis with maximum angle up to 30° and height 400mm. With automatic feature recognition, we can quickly transfer the spark contours from a 3D file.
  • CNC – starting holes from 0.22 mm up to and including 3.0 mm diameter.
  • We attach great importance to quality and communication, on the basis of 2 or 3D drawings and a possible telephone conversation, we record the sensitivities before starting.

You can also contact us for any milling, turning and grinding before or after wire EDM.

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